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Specific sexual techniques or patterns of sexual interaction vary greatly in our American society and also in other cultures. Kissing is common to Western societies and occurs in some form in most cultures. Variations in mouth-to-mouth contact do occur, however, such as among the Trobriand Islanders, who actively suck each other's lips and permit saliva to flow from mouth to mouth. Few societies, such as the Thonga tribe in Africa, do not engage in kissing at all (Ford and Beach, 1951). Some form of oral-genital stimulation is also acceptable in most societies. Attitudes toward masturbation vary widely from culture to culture, with some, like the Mangaia, actively encouraging this practice, and others disapproving, particularly when the activity is performed by adults.

Sexual positions during intercourse also vary greatly, with many cultures (like our own) allowing several different positions. The rear entry position seems more common among other cultures than it is in the United States. Anal intercourse is part of the initiation rites of adolescent males in some preliterate societies. Finally, some societies place certain prohibitions on intercourse during menstruation, or while the female is pregnant or nursing a newborn (Jensen, 1976). It can be seen, then, that it is in the area of these specific sexual practices where we find the greatest degree of variability both among cultures and within individual societies.


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