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Equally numerous are examples of conduct once treated indifferently which in the light of a realistic morality now becomes wrong. Infection of another person, especially an innocent person, with a venereal disease is one instance. The contrast between the old and the new morality is striking here. In the past, there have been many scandals about pre-marital sex relations, but how many of us have ever heard of a scandal being raised about a man infecting his wife with syphilis and allowing her to transmit the infection to an innocent child? Our only concern has been as to whether the sex relation took place within the bonds of matrimony, and not about the consequences of the act. A morality which looks to social consequences will change all that and put the emphasis where it rightfully belongs. Again, in reference to prostitution, modern morality will not stress the fact that a man has violated the taboo prohibiting premarital sex experience, and therefore suffered some personal contamination, but will concern itself chiefly with his economic guilt in encouraging a woman to earn a living in such a miserable way, or his sin against public health in perhaps spreading a venereal disease.

Many other examples might be given to show the change in emphasis, but these are left for the reader to discover in his own experience. Our primary interest here is to show how a morality which deals chiefly with consequences rather than subjective states contributes to mental hygiene by freeing the individual from mental confusion, so that it is easier for him to take an objective view of himself and his actions and escape from unwholesome moods and moral tangles.


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