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It is a physical union between two people acting in a social context, in accordance with their physiological and psychological needs.

What is fore play?

It is a universal prelude to coitus. During this both partners prepare themselves to have successful sexual act.

What is the role of kissing?

Erotic kissing is an expression of sexual desire and an effective sexual stimulant. Erotic kissing like coitus builds up gradually and requires sensitivity and timing.

Kissing involves lip contact. A light stroking motion may be used. Tentative tongue caresses and gentle nibbling of lower lip with free movement of tongue in partner's mouth is helpful in arousal. Kissing need not be restricted to the sexual partner's lip. Any part of the body may be stimulated like neck, breast, inner thighs as well as genitals.

What is the contribution of tactile stimulation in arousal?

Caressing and fondling are the most common but scratching and gentle pressure can also be effective. Areas to be stimulated are erogenous zones. Map of erogenous zone depends on individual to individual. Object is to stimulate the sensory receptors on the surface of the skin. In fondling deeper tissues are also stimulated. Tactile stimulation can be greatly enhanced if suface is moist.

Is tactile stimulation of breast exciting?

Yes, effectiveness of fondling of female breasts is known from older times. These can be enjoyed by using both the mouth and hands. Nipples are centre of excitement but rest of the part may also be stimulated. Most of the women are proud of their breasts and want their partner to caress their breasts. For this size of breast, their consistency may have an extra advantage otherwise smaller size does not mean that lady is less sensitive to arousal.

Is fondling of genitals helpful?

It is exciting to most of the people. 90% partners manually stimulate the genitals of their sexual partners. Males are more active in it while females may feel shy. On some occasion male may stimulate his own organs and ask wife to do similarly.

Is vaginal lubrication necessary?

Yes, when sufficient arousal is there vagina will automatically be lubricated. Otherwise to avoid pain and discomfort saliva or some cream may be utilized.

Is expression of emotion useful during intercourse?

There should not be a feeling of shame in expression of emotions during love making. Woman who wishes to enhance her partners pleasure may express how she feels. The awareness of a woman's arousal fills a man with pride and provides proof of his competence as a man as well as a lover. Sighs and moans, squeaks and squels, grunts and groans are also songs of sex filled with love.


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