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A young man of 32 came to see me about his general health. His girlfriend had sent him. On first consultation I found him to be quite hyperactive, highly focussed on his job as a stockbroker and extremely unaware of his daily eating habits. He complained of tiredness and stress but generally felt he was doing quite well. However, his girlfriend said he was difficult to live with. I asked some simple questions, which finally led to their sex life. He was reluctant at first to tell me that at the moment he was quite disinterested in sex. This had never happened to him. When he and his girlfriend did have sex it took him longer than normal to have an erection and during intercourse he could only perform for a much shorter period of time. He was actually very concerned about this.

He told me he was happy with his girlfriend and he was worried that she seemed disappointed with him, even though she tried to make light of the situation.

I reassured him that these things can be quite normal when a man even as young as him was working long hours and not eating regularly. In fact it seemed that he was living purely off adrenaline and heading straight for a burn out of the adrenals.

I asked him to eat three regular meals each day which included protein, vegetables and fruits. I also asked him if he could manage to cut out alcohol for six weeks. I think that was a huge shock but he agreed. Fortunately he was not a big coffee drinker.

I prescribed the herb tribulus, one tablet three times a day, for the tonic effect this plant has on reproductive organs, and Siberian ginseng, one tablet three times a day, for support to the adrenal glands. I also insisted that he take a multivitamin B for stress and energy.

He came to see me after four weeks on this program. He was pleased with himself. His libido had improved 60 per cent and he said his sex life was greatly improved. He felt much healthier generally and less jittery. I suggested he keep the same dosage of herbs and vitamins for three months and then bring the dose down to one tablet of each daily or until the stress was under control.


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