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Never has Mother Nature packed so much voluptuous sensation in so little space as the clitoris because it is richly supplied by nerves. Its stimulation is the master-key to unlock a woman. Unfortunately, during sexual intercourse, the clitoris does not come into direct contact with the penis except in certain positions. You need to stimulate it with your fingers. If you want a Bachelor's degree in 'Love Making', you must be a master at stimulating the clitoris. Know its location, and how and when to stimulate it in order to levitate your partner into ecstatic climaxes.

The clitoris is a unique organ which has no other function except to give pleasure during intercourse. The penis, its male equivalent, provides pleasure, but also deposits sperms in the vagina and voids urine. According to Masters and Johnson, the clitoris has two important functions. It is a Receptor and a Transformer of sensations it receives when a woman is sexually aroused.

Let us examine and understand both these functions in depth as the clitoris is the focal point of sexual response in the female.


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