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Liquid Nutrients

Liquid is much easier to swallow especially for children and seniors.

Liquid is prepared from fresh organic ingedients.

Liquids assimilate immediately into the blood stream for immediate effect.

Liquid absorption of nutrients is 95% - 98%.

Liquid is typically 3-5 times more concentrated for higher bio-activity, ensuring the consumer greater therapeutic benefits.

Liquid ingredients are not powdered and require no fillers, binders or added excipients. Also, liquid nutrients are not compressed, which requires additional digestion to break down the ingredients or to break down the capsules that have additives.

Liquid Body Balance and OsteoProCare tastes good.


Vitamin Capsules/Tabs

Cap/Tabs are especially hard to swallow for children and seniors.

Cap/Tabs ingredients can be powdered up to one year after harvest.

Cap/Tabs require digestion and may take several hours to yield little effect.

Cap/Tabs absorption of nutrients is limited to 2% - 20% maximum.

Cap/Tabs have low concentration of bioactive components, therefore having weaker therapeutic benefits.

Capsules ingredients are powdered, then placed into pork based gelatin or vegetable capsules, where additives like talc or other fillers are added.

Tablets ingredients are powdered, then compressed into tablets with the use of fillers, binders and added excipients. Compression requires additional digestion to break down the ingredients or to break down the capsules that have additives.

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