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The power of protein as a Weight Loss Aid

Absent exercise, the most important factor in your metabolism is protein ingestion.  AminoCharge's protein utilization technology is especially vital to "dieters."  When people reduce their calorie intake on a diet, they usually reduce their protein intake also.  This leads to depletion of muscle mass, which is the body's fat-burning furnace.  When dieters don't get enough amino acids at the cellular level, it can lead to the dreaded "yo-yo syndrome."


Increased energy is the most consistent comment we receive about using AminoChargePeople simply feel better and more energeticAminoCharge is the answer for that mid-afternoon letdown.  It's also an ideal product for those interested in building muscle mass.


We've all heard about protein.  However, amino acids are less well known.  They are the building blocks of life itself, and only come from protein.  They are the genesis of ALL of the cellular rebuilding our bodies do every day.  Billions upon billions of cells are rebuilt, restored, rebalanced, and regenerated.  All by amino acids.

Protein Utilization

However, before our bodies can use amino acids for rebuilding, our bodies must first break down the protein we eat into amino acids.  Those amino acids must first be digested, then absorbed, then assimilated, and finally, activated for use at the cellular level.  This is no easy task, and only a small percentage of ingested protein is actually utilized.

The AminoCharge Difference

The Protonic Technology

This technology has been proven in clinical studies to markedly improve protein utilization.  AminoCharge's unique protein formulation, of four premium protein sources, is powered by a breakthrough in "protein utilization technology" - which we have named the "protonic process."  This special combination of "protonic ingredients' enables AminoCharge to provide a pK that "charges" the various amino acids - thus the name.  This results in more amino acids arriving at the cellular level in a form that is highly bioactive.

AminoCharge - The protonic process is a "two-formula" product.

AminoCharge, as a formula, provides two major constituents:
(a), as a source of protein, and;
(b), the source of the "protonic activator" ingredients.  However this alone would not deliver nearly as many activated amino acids as when used with AminoRegulator.

AminoRegulator is formulated to interact with the protonic ingredients in AminoCharge and provide and maintain an "environment" in which a pK charge can be presented to the various amino acids.  AminoRegulator includes ingredients that work specifically to continue the amino acid activation and stabilization process.

Amino Charge

Ingredients: Life Force's proprietary protein blend (whey isolate and concentrate, soy isolate, rice concentrate, and pea isolate), proprietary protonic activator blend (enzymes & amino acids), lecithin, tri-calcium phosphate, xanthan gum, and natural tropical flavors, including Stevia.

Additional factors: All essential amino acids, along with many non-essential ones, are in bio-available form from Life Force's protein blend.  When mixed with AminoRegulator, they are in a highly bio-active state due to Life Force's protonic process.


Ingredients: Proprietary formulation of Glycerine, Pyridoxyl-5-Phosphate, Phosphatidyl-Serine, 5-HTP, Vitamin C and Folic Acid.

AminoCharge is powered by a new technology that is proven to increase utilization of amino acids.

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