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Why waste $90 out of every $100 on nutritionals
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With four to five crop rotations each year on a single plot of land, intense farming practices have depleted vital nutrients from the soil. These deficiencies are showing up in our bodies.

U.S. Senate Document 264 and the 1992 Earth Summit Report
support these findings and suggest that 99 percent of Americans are mineral deficient.

Both reports further explain that a deficiency in nutrients can cause us suffering and may even shorten our lives.

Millions of Americans understand the need for vitamins and minerals and are spending billions of dollars on supplements. Unfortunately, as stated in the 1996 Physician?s Desk Reference (page 1542), the body only absorbs 10 to 20 percent of the nutrients found in traditional pills and capsules.

The percentages go even lower as we age and have less stomach acid required to break down these pills and capsules. 

The remaining nutrients are literally flushed down the toilet!!!



You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb! According to page 1542 of the Physician's Desk Reference, Liquid Vitamin and Minerals have a 98% absorption rate, literally 5 -10 times that of standard pills and capsules.

Life Force International has specialized in liquid nutritional products
for over 20 years.  With a documented 98% absorption rate in the human body, it's no wonder 5,987 doctors recommend Life Force products to their patients!

Were our bodies designed to get our nutrition from nature or from synthesized vitamins made in a laboratory?

Life Force International's best selling product, Body Balance, is a 100% all natural whole food supplement which provides 120 documented essential nutrients (including phyto(plant)nutrients, phyto minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes) in each delicious serving--it even provides dietary fiber!  No artificial or synthesized ingredients are ever added. 

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Body Balance
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Senate Doc. 264
armland depletion

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